Top trending Corporate gift ideas & best gifting company in India

What is a corporate gift ?

When any company or organization offers gifts to its employees or customers on special occasions to establish relationships and improve personal connections between customers, customers and employees, it is called corporate gift culture. The gifts that the company usually gives are known as corporate gifts.

What are the benefits of giving corporate gift ?

Employee recognition. Many companies do not use incentives with certain categories of employees. Companies often give managers a discretionary budget that can be spent on corporate gifts to recognize employees for their exceptional behavior. Actions worthy of special recognition include going “beyond” to please a client, dedicating long hours to complete a project on time, making a suggestion to save costs or improve productivity, or complete a large sale. Gifts are also given to employees for years of service.

Customers. Gifts have the greatest impact when presented personally by people who have direct contact with buyers. Imagine the surprise when your customer receives a gift from your customer service representative!

Consumers Merchandise or non-cash prizes awarded to consumers are generally included in the category of bonuses or prizes associated with raffles and games. The idea is to stimulate the behavior by making an offer. On the contrary, gifts reward consumers after the fact, and the goal is to surprise the customer and generate long-term loyalty. Therefore, the key to using consumer gifts is to have a specific strategy and target customers whose volume they can track over time.

Suppliers If your company depends on the excellent service of a few suppliers, you may be surprised by the long-term impact of sending some gifts,

The media. A very small and imaginative gift sent with a press release will increase the chances of your message being read, and that could translate into wider coverage. Be careful when sending gifts to consumer journalists whom you or your public relations staff do not know personally. The gift could be counterproductive when creating an incorrect impression.

Government officials Many companies depend on good working relationships with government regulatory agencies or city officials. When regulatory officials or politicians are involved, proceed with caution! However, when it comes to municipal workers who provide services such as garbage collection for your business, a special holiday gift generally generates a more attentive year of service.

5 factors that consumers consider when choosing corporate gift product :

1. Your budget

2. Transportation and expenses installation

3. Variety of products.

4. Attractive prices to offer.

5. Commitment, quality and delivery time

What is the best corporate gift company in India?

The corporate gift field is extremely vast and almost all brands have their corporate gift segment. As much effort is needed to execute any order in this field, companies have limited scope to reach all of India. That is the reason why it is managed by all the small companies specialized in the segment there.

Top list a few gifting companies :

  1. Giftwell
  2. Consortium
  3. Sirius gifting
  4. Gifting ideas
  5. Printland
  6. 27by2
  7. Woodcarving
  8. Ecohub
  9. Anmol Enterprises
  10. Giftmarts, Delhi n Mumbai
  11. Poonam corporation, Mumbai
  12. Williampenns
  13. Swiss military

There are many corporate gift providers in India. It depends on which ones are more accessible for your location. In addition, which suppliers have the widest range of products to choose from and attractive prices to offer. Commitment, quality and delivery time are also a crucial factor in this typically disorganized segment.

Premium corporate gift ideas for Indian customers

If you are shopping for your customers and employees, you can have a long list of corporate gifts. Here are some ideas to help you with the corporate challenge.


  • Desktop Items / paper calendars
  • Sweet boxes
  • Bouquet of flowers•     
  • Diary ,stationary    

Non Traditional

This combines technology, utility, aesthetics, sense of well-being, social status and to reflect the organizational leadership of gift items and is aimed at satisfying people’s social recognition needs.

Some trend gifts are:
  1. Technological products, for example: – Smart watches – A multifunctional item that meets the needs of health, safety and protection fans.
  2. Photo frames: to show / keep some of the photos of our loved ones.
  3. Premium pens: writing instruments that are perceived as a status symbol.
  4. Illuminated Buddha: to introduce tons of good health, wealth and prosperity.
  5. Travel kits: trolley / shoulder bags made of high quality leather to help you travel comfortably.
  6. Domestic services: water bottles, electric / solar kettles, cutting boards, mixes and mills, table utensils: these items are useful in every home.
  7. Combos such as twins and ties, sets of premium pens, etc. These are useful for employees to complement their formal items.
  8. Mobile phones / tablets / Bluetooth headsets / Bluetooth speakers and power banks: with increased use of mobile communication, these devices are very useful.
  9. Entertainment coupons: may be specific to the place / event, however, this may not satisfy everyone’s tastes.
  10. Point of sale shopping coupons: this gives the option to any gift item you choose from a specific retail outlet.

Corporate gift ideas for employees / diwali corporate gift ideas?

Wondering what kind of corporate gifts Diwali could give its employees or customers this year? Then, you should consider looking through the various attractive and affordable options in the variety of Diwali corporate gift catalogs available for this purpose. It has categories like –

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Variety of bags
  • Decorative products
  • Bluetooth speakers, fitness devices, audio devices and other similar utility devices
  • Gift baskets and groceries
  • Home’s products
  • Wallets, watches and executive gift combos
  • Desktop products, table clocks and digital clocks.
  • Wholesale corporate gift market in Delhi?
  • You can try to buy gifts in bulk at

Where is a wholesale market for gift items in Delhi?

  • Siddhipura market in karol bagh and
  • Flat factory complex, also known as Lal building.
  • Sadarbazar

For the most part, you will find gifts offered by large companies for your commercial promotion.

Where is a wholesale market for gift items in Mumbai?

The wholesale toys and gifts market extended from Crawford Market in the main business district to Mumbai Central. On the lanes of Abdul Rahman Street, you can see hundreds of stores that sell Gits and Toys wholesale.

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Evergreen Diwali gift ideas

Here is a list of the best corporate gifts that


What about a cup of coffee with a single photo? Wouldn’t it be the right gift for your employees to brighten your day? Get an attractive Photo coffee mug personalized with your business details printed in bold to get attention. Lovely, right?

2. Tea or coffee coasters

Every home and office needs this basic utility item to avoid spilling or wetting the tables. Turn this worldly tableware into an attractive gift by personalizing it with photos or your own images. Print your logo or upload your own design to make custom coasters for your employees.

3. Leather-backed diary

The ideal gift for corporate executives, this leather-backed diary never goes out of style. Excellent varieties of leather-backed magazines are available in the market with durable quality and striking designs. Ideal for taking notes and listing the daily schedule, this gift will never go out of style in the coming years.


Everyone seems to need a backup battery for their mobile phones these days. Invite your employees to a Power Bank and see how they smile from ear to ear with supreme satisfaction.


Each new year begins with a diary and a calendar, which are ideal to give to your employees. Incredible collections of newspapers and calendars with colorful and high quality designs are flooding the market this 2018.


However, another gift that remains in vogue is a photo frame. Your employees can store this gift in the desks of their offices or homes to proudly portray their beautiful image.


The mobile phone has become a daily necessity and a part of our lives. Your employees will definitely need a mobile phone stand to hold their phones in cars or at their desks when they are not using it.

The mobile phone holders come in modern designs and are adjustable in size. Made of durable metal alloy, the holder holds your phone securely with padded hooks to prevent scratches. Positioned at an angle that is ideal for video chatting, streaming live videos or reading emails, this gift would be a great success for your employees in 2018.


An essential element in the office, at home or on the road, a bottle of water would be the ideal gift for your employees. Beautiful water bottles printed with photos are available with custom designs. Choose one of them to give your employees the elixir of life.

In addition to these, you can offer your employees a wide range of gifts such as personalized pens, kraft paper pads and even T-shirts.

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