Top 2020 Niche Ideas – Most profitable business in india

“Most profitable business in india” – I want to Clarify one thing: each business is profitable, but some take time to be profitable and others give profits early.

if you are searching is clear that you are looking for something that requires less money, less time and offers early returns, although there are few businesses, but that type of business requires skills most of the time. And one thing is important that some business ideas provide returns soon but the returns are lower and may not be profitable in the future, so be prepared.

List of Ideas – Most profitable business in India

1. Food Truck/Van serving delicious food

An average food truck can cost between INR 8-10 lakhs in India. At the upper end of the spectrum, a fully equipped food truck can cost up to 20 thousand rupees.

The profit margin in the food business is around 50%, and the best part of the street food business is a small investment.

Here is a breakdown of all the costs involved:
  • Vehicle: you must look for a truck: you can use a used one or you can buy a new truck. Usually, a truck will cost a minimum of INR 4 lakhs.
  • Equipment: you must purchase all essential kitchen equipment as a single investment for your truck, for example: gas, utensils, kitchen containers, cutlery. You may want to place some tables and chairs so that people have the option to sit if they wish (although this is not mandatory). The whole team gathered would cost around INR 1.20 lakhs.
  • Raw material: your kitchen / truck must be loaded with inventory or raw materials to prepare meals. That would cost around INR 20-30K.
  • POS: Your POS is much more than an independent technology that handles your billing (billing, cash management, ticket software) and technology. A good point of sale will cost around INR 25-30K (6 month package).
  • Personnel: you will need to hire some resources to manage the key daily operations of your business. In India, the investment needed to hire staff is quite low. It should cost around 13-15K per month per person.
  • Marketing: this includes all promotions offline and online and can cost you a lot of money. You must reserve at least 20K per month for marketing.

2. Tution centers

If you love teaching and want to run a teaching center. You should consider these things before running a tutoring center.

  • You must know the geographical area as a student’s age group.
  • Verify your resource from where you want to start.
  • Choose a topic that is good and has a high demand in the market.
  • Set the price of your services, such as how much a subject’s fees cost.
  • When the business grows, hire the professional and experienced tutor.

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2. Kirana Shop Dukaan

This business is one of the best Easy , since a customer can obtain everyday items from there. In addition, an entrepreneur can make a huge profit from this business. If you want to start your grocery business and make it big, you must analyze market behavior and understand the changing habits of the consumer. For a successful start, you have to

  • Commit to customers daily.
  • Provide customers with ease of purchase.
  • Provide home delivery service to customers.
  • Provide ease of online payments.
  • Give discounts, offers to customers.

3. Traditional Dhaba from India:

at night you just have to see the crowd, you have to wait until half an hour on Sundays.

Complete details : How to start a small restaurant/Dhaba or Food stall in India ?

4. Sarees & ladies wear shops:

we all know that women love shopping

  • If you have little knowledge about faishon, you can easily start the saaree business.
  • First think that & observe Saree’s trend in your city or area.
  • Be sure to keep all the latest variety, at least it’s a quality. You will have an idea of what quality in your area sells best. You can visit a couple of local stores to understand the trend in the market. It is very important to do a market survey to understand what is in demand. This way, you don’t have to invest in the dead inventory.
  • Consider the latest popular sari pattern in the market. Share the amount of your business with all your friends / family. Today, you can use all the social media tools in your group to share the latest variety of products.
  • Be sure to offer the most competitive price with the best quality of sari so that buyers spread the community of the best amount of offers so that your business becomes popular. This is one of the many methods to get some exposure in the market.

5. Shop selling Indian spices and dried fruits

1) “organic” and “healthy” are two active concepts in the food industry and are prepared to govern the industry in the future. So, if you are entering it, surely go for it.

2) Its concept falls into the category of snacks. The snack market operates in the capacity of flavors and flavors. Consider the price too. Although the snack market is really huge, its products can be heavy and, therefore, fall into the premium or semi-premium category. So focus on a crisp and lucrative brand. Focus more foreign markets as they mature for this concept.

3) In general, a very potential concept. Execution will be the key to success.

6. Namkeen shop-

Namkeen’s things are always products to order and are served every time, but you are supposed to explore the new flavor of your place to compete with the existing one. At the same time, contact your local grocery store managers to keep stocks of your supply and promote your regular customers.

Even small hotels / tea sellers can also be contacted to do so. Taking into account the final taste at a reasonable cost will help to penetrate the market.

7. Law / CA Signature

He must be a public accountant and must obtain a certificate of practice from the Institute of Public Accountants of India. From then on, you can proceed to open your company. In addition, most of the partners in your company should be practicing in India. You have to give your company details to the ICAI, after which the Institute will assign you a company number.

  • You must have worked for about 10 years for another CPA or CPA company.
  • Obviously, you must have passed the CPA exam before that.
  • Get the experience – all aspects – from A to Z. You should know how to do your best.
  • Learn to say “I don’t know.”

8. Used car dealer

Almost all use a car for commercial or personal use. If you use a car, you also need repair and maintenance in your vehicle. As a result, consumers need to find car dealers to buy cars and have them repaired. However, the cost of opening and operating a dealership may require millions of dollars. Before opening a car dealership, think carefully about the entire process.

9. School and office supplies

These products are in demand throughout the year, so entrepreneurs do not have to worry about making sales. With a large number of corporate,institutions & schools located in urban areas ; stationary items Products such as pencils, pens, paper of different varieties,……..” notebooks and others will always have a constant demand.

If you really want to start a business in list of above –[Most profitable business in india ], then you need to do a lot of research on the following things.

  1. Your skills and area of   interest
  2. Find a niche and look for a mentor
  3. Capital and partners
  4. Demand for your business in that market.
  5. Study competitive business
  6. Marketing
  7. A solid business plan
  8. Cons of doing business
  9. Age group that directly and indirectly affects your products / services
  10. And don’t do it if you’ve seen people who earn a lot after starting a particular business so you can do the same in a short time as they did.

By ( Most profitable business in india ) , I mean a business that has one of the highest returns on do little analysis before selecting any business ideas

How long did it take to start your business & how long until it was” profitable ?

A planning of 1 to 2 years is needed, followed by a strategy that requires another 3 to 4 months and then a basic implementation of 2 years to be successful. Then, I will, it will take about 5 years in total and you should be able to stay so far. Always remember that planning is the most important part of the business, since you will invest 3 more years to get something and you will even have to stick to your plan.

But for those who asked this question, earnings are just a sign that you are doing something right. But that doesn’t mean you succeeded. The success is to grow, climb, repeat and, ultimately, sell so you can sit on your butt for 24 hours, 365 days without doing anything but enjoy life. Otherwise, prepare for more than 5 years of more stress than your peers will have in your life. Most profitable business in india

Why are most startups not profitable?

The biggest problem for any start up is the sale. This really means that no matter what your business, you really are in the advertising business. If customers do not know that you exist, it is difficult for them to buy you no matter how desperate they are for your product or service. Most profitable business in india

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