[Top 2020 ]-7 ideas for low investment business to start in India

Nowadays the youth of our country wants to do their own business instead of doing job for someone else. But most of the youth have financial shortage, so they start thinking that they will never be able to do their own business. There are more people like those young people who think that a lot of investment is required to start their own business. But this is not true at all. There are Small business ideas that can be started with low investment and all these are long-term business. The specialty of these businesses is that students, young people and housewives can also do them. ideas for low investment business

7 most successful evergreen- ideas for low investment business

1. Medicine business

Because there are all kinds of food adulteration in india there are also more than 133.92 crores people in India and almost every third or fourth man has some kind of illness, which means that the medicine has The huge demand and the ROI of the medications is around 15% -50% in retail, which means that you earn (net income) 0.15 paise to 0.50 paise for each rupee of total sales; While wholesale, the distribution varies between 3% -7%.

And in the manufacture of medicines, you can get between 30% and more than 70%, although that depends on many things, such as the type of medicine you produce, the market demand, the market competition, the brand image in the customer objective, the minds of consumers, the value of the brand, government taxes etc.

Therefore, the medicine business can be described as the most successful and profitable commercial sector in India.

2. Cloth business

Once again, 133.92 crores people need clothes . the cloth retail business has a ROI excellent as medicine, although that does not mean wholesale, distribution, manufacturing offers nothing.

The ROI for retail, wholesale, distribution and cloth manufacturing businesses varies between 5% and 60%.

3. Food business

Yes, you heard it right, again 133.92 crores  people need to eat something every day because their survival depends on that and that is why we have these incredible food streets from Namak Mandi from Peshawar to Monal in Islamabad and food streets in Lahore and Karachi

India me waisay bhi khao peo mast raho type log hain …;)

The ROI varies between 30% and 70% for small outlets such as chai walas, burger walas and larger ones such as typical restaurants, flavors, etc.

In small stores, the taste is sold, in the medium stores quality food is sold plus the taste and in the larger stores it is bling bling, the decoration of the store plus the super great customer service, including quality more taste

4. Real estate business

Once again, 133.92 crores  will need a place to settle, urban growth is another indicator that the real estate sector is doing a great job in India, all these huge and huge housing plans, municipalities, cities of Bahria, blah, blah , etc. They are good indicators of that.

The ROI varies between 25% and 70%, although remember that you must wait for the right moment to obtain a huge ROI and you must also take into account the devaluation of money, inflation, the economic growth of the region, the political situation and security, etc.

5. Retailer, wholesaler, distribution mix

From the sale of shampoos, bath soaps to cooking oils, vegetables, bulk cigarettes, retail prices, etc. It can also provide a good opportunity to have a stable and continuous source of income without much risk.

Again, take the basic needs of 133.92 crores   people in perspective, although you will not get all 180 million reaching your point of sale alone, but you can, well, measure the demand for the items, services you should offer in your store retailer, general store etc.

Success in this business depends almost entirely on the flow of customers to the point of sale, so be sure to launch such a business in a really warm place, the more customer flow, the more sales opportunities, therefore, the more profits.

ROI varies between 10% and 50%.

6. Car business

People in India have been earning quite well in recent times, the purchasing power has increased quite quickly and so does the affordability of several “luxurious” items.

There was a time when few or only a couple of people used to have a car in the whole town or town (talking about the 60s, 70s, 80s) now you see 100 in every small town or town.

The ROI here varies between 10% -35%.

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7. Smartphone business

Although the interruption or constant technological change makes it very difficult for most people to get some real money from this business sector, but once you get your hand in the right place, you can really earn serious money in this sector.

The demand for smartphones is huge, the ROI is quite healthy and the sales are immense, all you need is a correct location, a correct investment, an adequate time, a correct approach and proper management to get a serious ROI.The ROI here varies between 5% and 30%.

In addition to the average lifespan of a smartphone is 4.7 years and there are about 4 users of smartphones in India, which use 3G / 4G. Then you can imagine the demand!

A list of Small business ideas with low investment and high profits will help you make an informed decision. We will definitely update this list of low investment business ideas with high returns as we get more information from the industry.

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