The Man Behind valuation of more than a $100 million – Sridhar Vembu@ ZOHO

Name                    Sridhar Vembu

Profession          founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation

Qualification       Electrical Engineering & PhD

Hometown         Chennai, India

NET WORTH       $ 1.56 BILLION

Sridhar Vembu

Sridhar Vembu is the founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation (formerly AdventNet Inc), who are the creators of Zoho Office Suite online along with several commercial applications.

Sridhar Vembu is very famous for makings a multimillion-$  Zoho Corporation  without taking any external financing, which today competes directly with giants like Microsoft, Google, Oracle and, and gives them a chance for their money.

The most intelligent and unknown Indian entrepreneur who has a large following in the new business industry, mainly for being the man who rejected the venture capital money.

Early Life

Sridhar belongs to a very modest middle class family in Chennai,

  • Father – stenographer in the High Court
  • Mother – housewife
  • Early education until grade 10, – government-assisted Tamil-medium school
  • Graduation – IIT-Madras
  • PHD- Electrical Engineering at Princeton University in 1989.

After completing his doctorate,

  • Sridhar started working in Qualcomm in San Diego in 1994.
  • During this period of approximately 2 years, as an electrical engineer, he used to work in wireless communication, including aspects such as CDMA, energy control and some very detailed communications problems.
  • They partnered with Tony Thomas, who had network management software and had experience in the area.
  • in 1996, from a small apartment located on the outskirts of Chennai, they started Vembu Software.

Zoho Corporation

Founded – 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas,

  • Zoho Corp is the California-based software company
  • three major brands: Zoho, ManageEngine and WebNMS, which collectively offer SaaS products (Software as a service) to companies around the world. .
  • workforce of around 4000 employees,
  • the company is based in California
  • offices in Singapore, Japan, China and India.

To elaborate on your product offers: –


  • With more than 20 million users worldwide and
  • more than 33 products, they help with everything you need to boost your business.
  • Some of its products include tools such as: CRM, Motivator, SalesIQ, Campaigns, Mail, Chat, Documents, Connect, Creator, Application Creator, Reports, Books, Inventory, Invoice, Expenses, Support, Service Desk Plus, Recruitment, People, etc. .,
  • These products Manage your Sales and Marketing, Email and collaboration, Business Process, Finance, IT and Help Desk and Human Resources.
Manage Engine:
  • with more than 120,000 companies worldwide (including three Fortune 500 companies) as customers;
  • Manage Engine offers a simplified IT management service with affordable software that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy for your budget, and without expensive consulting fees or expensive licenses.
  • Offers include Active Directory, Analytics, Application, Cloud, Desktop, Help Desk, IT Security, Mobile, MSP, Network and Server.

WebNMS: WebNMS i

  • Is the service provider software division of Zoho Corporation that specializes in solutions for multi-vendor network management, service orchestration and enterprise Internet applications of things?

Zoho University:

  • started in 2005, with six students and two teachers teaching three subjects,
  • this informal university has trained more than 300 students in the last decade, most of whom are now Zoho employees


They select high school students from government schools in Chennai and neighboring cities based on a series of proficiency tests and interviews. These students then receive an 18-month training that includes a six-month internship within the organization in math, computer science and English. The curriculum is periodically reviewed to ensure that the course is updated with the latest technological developments. They are also paid a monthly stipend during the training period. Basically, these students are trained with the entire practical and real-life challenges a software developer or engineer faces, rather theoretical knowledge.


The beginning….

The business from the first day was all started without any external investment of any kind, except for the help of family and friends. Sridhar’s wife managed the house while he worked at the company. Tony had taken a purchase of his work, which meant that Lucent Technologies, the company he worked for, gave money to many people to leave.

The software had begun to sell well. They sold a lot to companies in Silicon Valley, and even managed to develop a good market in Japan as well. Around 2000, 115 engineers had been raised in India and 7 people in the USA. UU., With a business of around $ 10 million.

The Dot-com bubble burst…

But in 2001, the bubble burst, and the network business also experienced a major crisis. The year 2002 was when they had a great success, and of about 150 clients, they saw an important fall to only three clients.

This was the moment when Sridhar had just assumed the position of CEO of the company. This was a very crucial phase for him. But, nevertheless, he took it in a positive way! Sridhar realized that the company could not only depend on this space. They called it the year of R&D. The bubble burst did not destroy the company, but simply moved it in the right direction.

As the software was no longer sold, many of its engineers and resources had been inactive. Then they decided to use them.

They decided to go in two directions:

First,-  they took the same network management software they sold as an OEM model (manufacturer of ordering equipment) and turned it into a business model. That gave birth to ManageEngine!

Apart from that, they also had an effort on demand, so they also put some engineers on that path. Thus began Zoho. They had a range of products that helped companies with their sales and marketing, human resources and finance, email and collaboration, and IT and support. Compete with the likes of HP OpenView and Microsoft Office.

The main difference was that both directions focused on mid-level markets, not the high-end business segment.

Renamed to AdventNet and then to Zoho Corporation

In the next two years, after Tony’s departure to start another company, Sridhar caused many changes. Not only did they start using Google Advertising to reach customers directly, but they also changed the company’s name to AdventNet in 2005 and also started their own informal university called Zoho University.

The university started in part because, according to NASSCOM, more than 90% of the graduates and 75% of the engineers were unemployed, mainly because the multinational companies and the largest companies preferred

By 2009, the company had changed its name to Zoho Corporation, and since then, companies increasingly turned to the Internet to obtain rented software to run their operations, instead of buying licenses for expensive software; Zoho Corp also changed its address and with its younger division of “,” they also began offering Internet-based software for work.

During the period of time, the Zoho Corporation evolved into three divisions:, WebNMS and Manage Engine. Manage Engine today accounts for more than half of Zoho Corp’s revenues, and although the company does not disclose its finances, but according to Bloomberg, Manage Engine revenues were approximately $ 120 million, while Zoho Corp’s overall revenues were close to $ 200 million in November 2012.

In addition, it is seen that this number is growing at an electrifying speed, and revenues that amounted to $ 300 million with 12 million users in 2015 have increased to $ 500 million with 18 million users in 2016, with users spread across the US . USA, Europe and West Asia and Japan.

With such an aggressive approach, they expect to increase from the current contribution of 10% to around 25-30% of national companies to their income in the next 4-5 years.

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