Rag to riches- breaks even within 8 months @Indian Roots.com founder

Name                    Rahul Narvekar

Profession          Founder and CEO of NDTV Ethic Retail Limited’s Indian Roots.com

Qualification       graduation from the University of Mumbai

Spouse                 C. Pallavi Rao

Hometown         Mumbai

Rahul Narvekar, founder and CEO of Indian Roots of NDTV Ethic Retail Limited has had an extraordinary life, a story that corresponds to the script of a Hindi movie with all the ingredients intact.

Early Life Highlights

• Born in a small room in a fight in Mumbai, Rahul’s father was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage and worked in a factory to support his family.

• He also did occasional work to provide simple “luxuries” to his family.

• They were the wealthiest family in the fight and were the owners of the lonely television in their community. Rahul’s father made sure that, despite his modest gains, simple pleasures were never lost as a birthday celebration. However, the celebrations could not last long. He lost his job due to factory closure.

• Next 10 to 12 years were a struggle with his father choosing occasional jobs to support his family and his mother sewing clothes for a living.

• Rahul’s parents made sure that their education was attended, although not from a very elegant school called Sardarni Pratap Singh Janta Vidyalaya.

• Rahul was a success all the time and was in theater, athletics, debates and was a voracious reader. He shares “I couldn’t afford to buy Time and Fortune magazines in those days and I slipped away from the” raddiwala “cache of magazines and books. These magazines were my source of inspiration and gave me hope. I never stopped dreaming.”

Starting Journey-

•             Rahul  took on many small jobs like that of a delivery man, even working in a hospital as a night shift guard, taking classes, selling cookies and “kandeel” during the diwali and even selling watermelons in a cart.

These jobs did not allow the dreamer in Rahul to fade away. He kept reading and dreaming.

•             Rahul faced many obstacles while graduating and had to change universities, since he had no money to pay the fees. He had to leave K.J.Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, Mumbai and joined K.C. University in the second year, but there he was not allowed to take the exam since he did not have enough assistance since he was working to support his university education. He finally completed his correspondence graduation from the University of Mumbai.

  • Rahul also enrolled in a full-time entrepreneurial entrepreneurship course at the Burhani entrepreneurship institute. he says: “I started work with TSN in night shift. To pay for my education There I had the opportunity to see Ronnie Screwvala at work and it was a great inspiration! ”
  • Rahul’s university problems continued and he was expelled from the entrepreneurial school for “questioning too much” and was designated as “less likely to be an entrepreneur.” He shares: “However, I learned a lot from the Bohra community, since they are very hardworking and warm people. My classmates and friends from this community at the university bought me food, kept me in their homes and gave me a lot of love and encouraged me to dream big. They were very, very kind to a poor child without money. ”

Entrepreneurship journey 

  • Rahul established his first company that consisted of selling cable advertisements. He then met with 5 other friends to establish Asia’s first music channel: Channel Oxygen, in Mumbai in 1999. Although they managed to scale up operations, it could not be maintained and eventually sank.
  •    Rahul also participated in a script competition organized by Nimbus where he was selected among 3000 competitors. He met Vinita Coelho, who taught him the script and then Rahul wrote the script along with her for the Trikal series on Home TV where the dialogues were from Anurag and Abhinav Kashyap.

Rahul moved to Delhi when he and Pallavi planned to marry there, since she was there. After shifting to Delhi, he worked for an agency. He then married Pallavi, who became one of the most popular RJs on Radio Mirchi, Delhi. Luck was over quickly and he lost his job on his wedding day and had to abandon his honeymoon plans.

Days later,

•             he started working and managing the District Center, Janakpuri in Delhi as a senior manager with an amazing boss, as Rahul describes Pranav Ansal, who encouraged his ideas and supported him. This helped Rahul prove his worth and quickly increased in his career. He also made an executive program of IIM Calcutta that broadened his horizons and created new avenues.

•             Meanwhile, his wife Pallavi, who was one of the best RJ at the time, gave birth to her son, but shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with Mysthania Gravis, which caused her to temporarily lose her voice. It was a very difficult phase for them and Pallavi underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

 Rahul left his job to be by his side. He also share ….When Pallavi and me were in our careers, we became” the “wedding couple in Delhi, but shortly after Pallavi’s illness and I left work, we became nobody since we didn’t have the right call” “marks” on our cards “.

Pallavi miraculously recovered thanks to yoga and pranayam and returned to the air and Radio Mirchi conducted a great campaign to mark his return. Again they became the “it” couple!

  • Rahul then worked with DLF and co-founded fashionandyou.com in 2009 with Pearl Uppal, but had to leave due to the relapse of his wife’s illness.

Launching of indianroots.com in 2013

•             Rahul met NDTV that they were eager to start an online clothing portal to sell ethnic and designer clothing worldwide.

•             Rahul launched indianroots.com in 2013 for which they raised $ 5 million last year.

•             The current valuation is 85 million dollars!

•             Indian Roots received the prestigious ‘Emerging Concept of the Year’ award at the 2014

•             Star Retailer Awards. IndianRoots.com presents more than 100 designers, including Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Rohit Bal, Neeta Lulla, Pranavi Kapur and Rajesh Pratap Singh, and more of 700 brands in its online market. India and the United States are its biggest markets.

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