How start profitable laundry business [ Step by step ]

Starting a laundry business is a great idea. But there are some things you should know before venturing. The huge laundry business in India is not yet organized (more than 95% of the market is not organized), and is operated by small dhobi wala or ironing people. According to one of KPMG’s studies, the laundry market in India is expected to exceed $ 30 billion. Still no organized player has been able to take advantage of it and do real magic in this sector.profitable laundry business

Like all other companies, laundry also requires some basic knowledge. Although not much training is required to start a successful laundry business, having a thorough knowledge of the business is a prerequisite.

Even a decade or two ago, there was no proper laundry service still in India. The clothes were washed mainly by hand. But finally the laundry scene began to change, and there has been rapid growth in business in recent years. By adapting to the fast lifestyle and automation in all domestic work, people have become dependent on laundry services and, therefore, it has become a highly sought-after commercial area.profitable laundry business

Steps to start profitable laundry business :-

Know the market:

The first step to start and run any business successfully is to understand the market. For example, the laundry business in India is an almost unexplored segment . Since there are not many organized competitors in the laundry & dry cleaning business sector in India, attracting customers is not a difficult job.Knowing the market also guarantees that you know the type of capital you need to invest in the creation of the entire business. Therefore, you have a clear idea of   the investment process for laundry.

To be organized:

Your organizational skills will be tested while the business is established. The more organized and well prepared you are to handle any emergency, the easier your business will be. Make a list of all the things you will need for this. All equipment, machines, cleaning solvents, detergents, etc. They must be purchased and stored in advance. If you can’t buy everything at once, you can rent the equipment for now.

  • Equipment planning
  • Electrical planning
  • plumbing
  • Slection of chemical products
  • Planning of labor
  • price
  • Business planning
  • Perspectives on the laundry industry.

Get a reliable staff:

managing a laundry is not a one-man job. To do everything efficiently, you must hire staff who are well versed in your work. Since an automatic laundry works with machines, the reach of human resources is limited. However, you will need people to operate the machines, to iron, dry clean and even leave clean clothes in people’s homes. So make sure that the people you hire are good at what they do.

Know your customers:

customer satisfaction is the final mantra of running any business, and a laundry business is no exception. For the most part, high-end customers access laundries that need special care for their designer clothes. Dry cleaning is also very necessary for these customers. Therefore, your regular clientele will be part of them. But in metropolitan cities, customers can come from homes of any stature. Therefore, you must open your business to all people to ensure maximum performance.

advertising is the key to promote a business. Booklet printing and booklet distribution is a great way to inform people about their new clothes and the services they provide. Word of mouth is also vital to grow your business. Select potential customer areas and spread the word!


Although the laundry business is relatively new in India, it will face some competitors in the market. Therefore, you should focus on standing out from the rest. For example, you can rely on services such as stain removal and washing curtains and comforters to make it special. In addition, providing online services can be very useful to attract customers to the world today.

What is the right budget to start laundry business?

Need some laundry equipment, detergent powder stocks, service area and some support staff. The work or office space would not cost you more than 25,000 rupees per month. The equipment can be rented or purchased through the EMI scheme. The other major investment is the vehicle for the Home delivery (if necessary). Therefore, the total capital that you would need to start a medium-scale laundry business in India is 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh rupees.

Budget to start it (Small scale – only estimate)

  1. Rent of the Shop { Prime location} – 25k (approx.)
  2. Machine costs – 1Lac (approx.)
  3. Tech supportive equipment – 50k (approx.)
  4. Delivery cost : 15k per delivery Boy
  5. Other employees : store manager + worker = 35k (approx.)
  6. ELECTRICITY – 10 k per month
  7. Marketing & Promotion – 20k per month

Is laundry business profitable in india ?

The dry cleaning business is a profitable business to start. The return on investment in this business usually takes 2 years. Once you enter this business, be sure to serve your customers well. The things they give are in good condition while they are taken back. If you give this business 100%, you will end up opening branches.

How can I maximize profits ?

1. Delivery service: where we live, most people are too busy working and do not have time, so the most successful laundry companies have been the ones that return the clothes to the customers. You may have the option of having your premium customers pick up your dirty clothes and leave it after cleaning.

2. Quality: When it comes to ironing complex materials, most laundry companies are not very smart. Sometimes, customers can wash their own clothes, but they find that a certain piece of material / fabric is too complex for them to handle, so they seek the skills of experts. Be that expert. Make sure you can handle any type of material. That is a way to achieve the happiness of your customers. They will pay you more if you can get rid of their problems. Also, be sure to add a certain smell to clothing that becomes part of your company’s brand.

3. Customer service: There was a laundry business that I used to deal with on the day I had all the above qualities. Despite being more expensive compared to other laundries, I didn’t mind paying more for the best service. Unfortunately, once they ruined one of my most expensive clothes and when I approached them, they did not see it as a big problem and simply ignored it. I never went back to them again.

Other tactics to charge more.
  • Offer things like “Super fragrance” and add 50 Rs to the account for just two drops of perfume.
  • Buy detergent in bulk.
  • Use targeted ads on Facebook (location, work, education) to get potential customers. It’s cheaper.

Innovative techniques to improve your business.

  1. You can do door to door service. It means picking up and leaving the clothes in the client’s house.
  2. Do not take payment in an ordinary way. First, send the invoice to the customer by message, email, etc. Believe me, these things create the value of your company.
  3. Offer your customer a fast service guarantee. Don’t delay it at all costs. It would build the goodwill of your company.
  4. Have your company brand register with a certain registered trademark and motto.

Now you are ready to expand your profitable laundry business as people know your brand.

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