start dairy farming in india

Business Idea : How to start Dairy farming in india

start dairy farming in india
Dairy farming in India

The dairy farming in india is a very profitable business to start . The Dairy farming business has its own importance in the rural area of ​​India, 70% of people depend on the dairy production business. The dairy business gives identity to rural women. If the dairy farming business is carried out in an adequate and scientific manner with adequate execution, it leads to success. After milk production, you only have to invest a little more in the subsequent handling and its added value to obtain greater profits from dairy products, some of the dairy products that are in great demand in the market

[12 Steps]-How do I start a Dairy farming in India ?

  1. Select a place with moderate weather.
  2. It must be near a city, about 15 km.
  3. Buy or rent about land. Keep the investment to a minimum but make sure it includes all the essential elements.
  4. Select good local breeds of cows or buffaloes. “
  5. Make your own fertilizer to fertilize your forage crop areas.
  6. Grow your own grass.
  7. Use the minimum livestock
  8. power/Electricity is required.
  9. Start with something small and expand slowly.
  10. financial management is essential.
  11. Sell your milk directly to the end user as much as possible.
  12. Love your animals and keep the staff that loves animals.

What are the basic requirements of the dairy production business to be a successful company?

  • Adequate knowledge of the construction of the shed.
  • Surplus land area for green forage cultivation
  • Adequate water supply
  • Choose the good breed of cows / buffaloes, the correct selection of the breed is very important in dairy production
  • Forage management (dry fodder, green and concentrated fodder)
  • Manpower
  • Appropriate vaccination schedule

What are the basic requirements of the dairy business to be a successful company?

Capital investment:
  1. It depends on the amount of livestock you plan to start growing.
  2. Initially you need capital investment for the following
    • You need to have a land
    • Shed to raise cattle.
    • Fodder (dry straw, green fodder, different types of cakes)
    • Water resources
Other factors
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Accessibility to the veterinarian
  • What business model are you going to use.

Is dairy farming a potential profitable business in India and how?

Profitability depends entirely on the location of the dairy and the market where it intends to sell. It is best to be closer to a large area of   the consumer-based municipality where you can get a good price. Otherwise it becomes a fighting point. They have seen people who saw margins, but could not maintain the business due to logistical nightmares and related costs. In the emotion of the idea, people overlook the disadvantages.

Example for your reference :

Numbers of Buffalo – 5 and 3 calves. Buffaloes belong to the Murrah breed.

Total milk production is around 50 Ltrs. daily.

So, the following is an approximate daily income:

  • Daily milk production – 50 Ltrs. (Average 10 liters per buffalo)
  • Fats in milk – Average 6 fats.
  • Fat rate (in our area) – Rs. 7 / –
  • Cost per ltr – Rs. 42 (6 * 7)
  • Cost to the buyer – Rs. 2100 / – (42 * 50)
  • If it sells directly to the consumer, it will be Rs. 52 / – by ltr. Then, the daily income will be 52 * 50 = Rs. 2600 / –
  • Now, the daily expenses are detailed below (I own a land, so I don’t have expenses for food like grass or water, etc.)
  • Food supplement to increase milk production – Rs. 750 / – (150 * 5)
  • Other expenses – Rs. 500 / – (100 * 5) (these expenses are not daily, but have still considered)
  • Total expenses – Rs. 1250 / –
  • So, the daily net income is from 2100 to 1250 = Rs. 850 / –
  • Net monthly income – 850 * 30 = Rs. 25500 / –
  • Annual income – 850 * 365 = Rs. 310250 / –

Now, imagine, if you own 20-25 cattle, your income will be multiplied by that number.

Problems of dairy farms in India?

Dairy farming

Some of the practical challenges of dairy production in India are:

1. Small dairy farms:

or it may not be appropriate to call them dairy farms. Most dairy animals are raised by small farmers and the number can vary from 1 to 5 animals per farm.

2. Animal feeding:

dairy farming in India is a complementary business for agriculture. It means that dairy animals are raised mainly in the residues (remains) of agriculture. Very few farmers have separate forage crop fields. Other limitations in feeding are:

  • There is no awareness about the balanced feeding of livestock, that is, the knowledge of how much of what should be fed to animals.
  • Water is only administered in limited quantities / times.
  • Supplement feeding is very minimal or absent.

3. Health problems:

in animal health there are the following challenges, such as:

  • Availability of qualified veterinarians in rural areas.
  • Frequent incidence of diseases such as foot and mouth disease that has a negative impact on dairy production. It also affects many animals in the village.
  • Absence of preventive medical care measures such as vaccination and deworming.

4. Animal management:

there are challenges such as:

  • Shed of hygienic animals.
  • Teat wash and dip before milking.
  • Dis.infestation of the animal shed regularly.

5. Farm economics:

Dairy farmers are not aware of the proper maintenance of records and the economy of the dairy farm. This has a negative impact on the income of the farmers and their expenses on the dairy farm.

What are Nabard subsidies for dairy production?

In its role in promoting the dairy business, NABARD can help with the financing of expensive machinery and stock of cows. Dairy production is often expensive due to machinery and the need for grazing land for cows. NABARD helps farmers to give valuable help in all these things. Grants subsidies to farmers to cover all these expenses.

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