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Bank of Baroda is one of the leading banks in India. It was founded by the Maharaja of Baroda, Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1908. BOB was nationalized along with 13 other banks in 1969 by the government of India. Mumbai is the headquarters of the Bank of Baroda.Bank of Baroda has a network of more than 3,000 branches and offices, and more than 1,100 ATMs spread throughout the country. In addition to this, the Bank of Baroda also has around 80 branches abroad.BOB offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate clients and retailers.

The Bank offers services such as national operations and Forex operations. They also offer rural banking services that include-

  • Cash Deposits, priority sector ‘advances, remittance collection services, pensions & lockers.
  • Bank also offer- fee-based services, such as ‘cash management & remittance services.


How do I request online banking from Bank of Baroda & how activate it once I receive the letter with the user ID and password?

For internet banking there are two options to apply.

First option : Offline by Branch

Visit your branch and complete the application form for net banking. The user ID will be emailed to you in your email ID and you can then collect the branch password.

If you registered at your branch, you will receive the passwords by branch. With these passwords you can log in for the first time. While you are logged into your account, you will be asked to change your password.

Second option: Login to Net Banking – Online

if you have a debit card and if your mobile phone number and your email ID are registered in your baroda bank account, you can apply online.If you registered on your own, then you must create your passwords.

You can register the online on your own without visiting the branch. You need your ATM cum debit card (that is, the normal ATM card provided by the bank) to take advantage of it.

(a) Visit ( BarodaConnect 

(b) Click onNot Registered (Retail User) Click here ( )

(c) Complete the details and continue.

(d) The system will ask you to configure your personal message, your security questions, the login password or the pwd login and the pwd transaction.

This way, you can log in to your net banking.

FAQ – Bank of Baroda Connect

Q) What is “Baroda Connect”?

“.Baroda Connect.” is a basket of “electronic banking” products that are offered to customers on (E) “electronic channels”.
Currently, “Baroda Connect” offers Internet banking services. Through “Baroda Connect”, a customer is
able to operate bank accounts 24X 7 days a week, from anywhere, just by clicking .

Q) What is Internet banking?

Internet banking indicates banking services offered to customers on the Internet. Ease, you can access from your office / home using a computer / device with internet connection.

Q) What are the various facilities available in “Baroda Connect”?

“Baroda Connect” offers the following facilities: – These services are quite secure with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the highest level of security layer currently available. This will ensure that the password and other confidential information, while traveling on the Internet, is in encrypted form and, therefore, is not available to hackers.

Q) We have a joint account. We have a company account. How will we access Internet banking?

You can access Internet banking despite having a joint account, an association, a business account, the operating instructions provided are …

n Any or Survivor, Any or Survivor, Karta of HUF, Any / two / three / all partners, All partners together, Any / two / three director (s).

For each joint account holder / Partner / Director, the bank will provide you with an individual user ID, after you request it. He / She can access the account and perform operations, as desired.

However, you cannot use the Internet Banking service , if in your account, the operating instructions are …

n Joint payer, either or survivor, Restrictive operations, HUF Manager, Administrator, Official Liquidator.

Q) Is it necessary to have a computer or can we access Baroda Connect from any computer?

“:Baroda Connect*”. can be accessed from any computer or laptp (including one in the Internet cafe) that has Internet access facility. However, it is recommended that be very careful when accessing services from the cyber cafe or any other public place “””””””.

Q) What are the charges for the use of these services?

  • These services are absolutely FREE, except for checkbook charges, and suspend payment charges according to our existing guidelines and courier charges for mailing them.

In addition, if you forget your password or if your password is locked (for incorrect use more than 5 times), your password will be enabled, free of charge (at your request).

THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES for the use of these facilities.

(However, keep in mind that the Bank reserves the right to start charging any of these services)

Q) How can I request Baroda Connect?

The form for Baroda Connect is available on our Bank’s website for Corporate or or individual , on our Internet Banking Portal or from our branches. Take this form and send it to the branch where you keep your account. (See the terms and conditions, as listed on for more details).

The Branch Relationship Manager (RLM) when verifying the relevant details will process your request. You will receive a user ID directly at your communication address within 07 days.

After receiving the user ID, you must collect the password of your base branch. Please note that according to the proof of delivery signed by you at the branch, your branch will enable your user ID. You can access “Baroda Connect” after 24 hours from the moment the branch enables the user ID.

Q) How should I log in?

You will receive your user ID and password in two separate sealed envelopes in an unaltered form. (If handled, report IMMEDIATELY at

  • To access “Baroda Connect“, start the Internet on your PC and type in the address bar and press Enter.
  • The “Baroda Connect” home page will appear, click on the “Retail user” or “Corporate user” button as appropriate and follow the links.
  • The system will force you to change the password when you log in for the first time.
  • We ask that you consult the password security guidelines contained in the user guide, as well as printed in the PIN.

Q) What happens if I cannot log in with the assigned password and a user ID?

In that case, be sure of the following …

  • Confirm from the branch that your user ID is activated at least 24 hours ago.
  • You are using the correct type of alphabets, p. uppercase and / or lowercase as appropriate. (Passwords are case sensitive).
  • The numerical lock is not inadvertently deactivated.
  • You have not tried more than 5 times with an incorrect user ID and / / password (this will block your password and you will have to approach the bank).

Q) How do I choose the password, while changing it?

When finalizing your password, keep in mind that …

  • Must have a minimum of 8 digits and a maximum of 16 digits.
  • It must contain an alphabet (A-Z or a-z) and a number (0-9) and a special character (@, $, #, * etc.), all three.
  • It must not contain all the letters used in your user ID.
  • It is case sensitive, that is, if the password is in lowercase letters, use it. If you use uppercase letters, it will not work.
  • For your security, your password will be locked if the login attempt fails 5 times.
  • If it is not changed in 365 days, the system will force you to change the password. However, we recommend that you continue changing passwords at regular intervals.

Q) What is the procedure to obtain a new password if the existing password is blocked or forgotten?

  • If you have forgotten your user ID / password, submit the forgotten password form and send it to the branch. To download the form, click here-
  • The bank will generate a new password and it will be sent to its base branch. Please note that the user ID will be sent again to your communication address. Upon receiving the user ID, collect the new branch password under confirmation.
  • The new password will be activated by the Baroda Connect, Mumbai operations team upon receipt of the branch’s delivery confirmation.

Q) Are there alerts for password expiration?

You will receive an alert the home page“, when you log in &…. to change passwords before the expiration date.

Q) What should I do if I have to stop using the services for some time?

Be sure to log out properly. However, if you close your Internet Banking page abruptly, your session will end. Do not leave your system unattended when you are logged in, as this may give other people around you a chance to operate your accounts.

Q) What are online and offline services?

Online services indicate the occurrence of services instantly (in real time).

  • Transfer of funds (own, from third parties),
  • Stop payment
  • Balance inquiry, etc., are some of the services that will be offered online.

Offline services indicate that this installation will not be carried out immediately, but will be done in a few days. Services like

  • Check book request,
  • CBS account opening,
  • FD renewal application
  • The account summary will be offered offline.

In these cases, your request for (say) checkbook will go to RLM and RLM will execute the request, that is, prepare your checkbook, send it by courier, etc. disconnected.

Bank of barodra – M connect service

What is the charge for the Bank of Baroda M-Connect Internet service / application / banking?

Send a simple form to your base branch Your base branch will register you for Mobile Banking (M-Connect Plus). (o) b. Through Bank of Baroda Internet Banking (Baroda Connect) If you are using Bank of Baroda Internet Banking (Baroda connect), you can register on your own at Mobile Banking by following the steps below. (o) c. Through Bank of Baroda ATMs You can register Mconnect Plus by visiting any Bank of Baroda ATM by following the steps illustrated below. (o) d. Through the Bank of Baroda Mconnect Plus application, exclusively for Android users. You can register automatically for mobile banking through the application using your debit card credentials, the steps illustrated below.

  1. Send a simple form to your base branch. The application form is available on our website (Mobile Banking section) b. Through the Baroda Internet Banking Bank (Baroda Connect)
  2. Via Bank of Baroda ATMs Register mobile banking through ATM Insert your debit card and enter the debit card PIN Select the option “M-Connect (Mobile Banking)
  3. Through the Bank of Baroda Mconnect Plus application, exclusively for Android users. Download the application from Playstore and install .
    1. Click on the “Confirm” button -> The application will send an SMS to verify that the mobile number is registered for mobile banking. (In the case of a dual SIM phone, you will be asked to select the SIM from which you want to send the SMS. This SIM must be the SIM of the mobile phone number registered in the bank records). If you are not registered for Mobile Banking, the “REGISTER NOW” option will be provided
    2. Click on the “Register now” button and get ready with your debit card
    3. Click on the “Continue” button. OTP will be received at the registered mobile phone number and will be validated by the mobile banking application. You will be asked to enter the details of the debit card linked to the account for which Mobile Banking is required.
    4. Once you submit the details, you will register and mPIN will be delivered to your registered mobile number. Click on “PROCEED” and activate the Mobile Banking Services.

Q. How to recreate the application password?

A. Visit the forgotten password option on the login page, the request must be validated through mPIN.

Q. How to recreate mPIN?

A. mPIN can be regenerated in three ways

  • ATM
  • Net Bank
  • Home branch

Q.What happens if the client enters the password incorrectly for more than 3 attempts and the user obtains

A. Go to the option “Unlock / Forgot my application password” on the login page and reset your password
entering mobile phone number and mpin.

Q. What happens if the client enters the mPIN incorrectly for more than 3 attempts and the user crashes?

A. Generate new “mPIN” using – visit branch, Internet banking or ATM. Go to “Unlock / Forgotten
Application password “& reset -‘password’ through enter the mobile no. & “mPIN”.

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