Abhinav Asthana – Postman Million Doller $ Founder

Name                 Abhinav-Asthana

Profession          Founder of Postman

Qualification      Graduate of BITS Pilani

Hometown         Basti (Uttar Pradesh)

Abhinav, a graduate of BITS Pilani, began his adventure with API over a decade ago. Its current startup, Postman, has almost four million developers on its platform and has the mission of simplifying the development of APIs for themselves and others.

Early Life

Abhinav start working with  computers at an early age. His father, a civil engineer who lived in Basti (near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh), was fascinated with computers. He bought one and learned only to program in mainframe. What he didn’t know then was that his son would also get hooked.

When the family moved to Lakhimpur Kheri, Abhinav learned BASIC programming and later Visual Basic in classes 6 and 7. Then the Internet happened and he showed the great amount of knowledge that one could obtain in the world of programming.

Soon, Abhinav’s interest turned to the creation of websites, and HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP were taught during class 7 and 8. He remembers: “By the eighth standard, I was able to build a complete web application.”

They made some money and Abhinav received a $ 80 check while he was still in Class 9. For now, he was completely connected to the computer and programming. He remember

He had to take a break from the programming due to his exams of the class 10 Board. He resumed the programming in class 11. All the time, he never stopped learning and continued devouring books on computer history, building Apple 2 , about Steve Wozniac, Bill Gates and people who created programming languages.

In class 12, he passed BITSAT (BITS admission test) on his first attempt, but decided to take a year off for preparation, as was the practice at that time. His family moved to Lucknow and for a year, he paused in all his projects.

In its first year, Abhinav, along with some friends, created a viewer that allows the user to scroll through a high resolution panorama. He says: “At, Google Street View had not come out so we think we were quite progressive.”


The Bengaluru-based startup builds platforms for the development and management of APIs (application programming interfaces, through which different software communicate with each other). Postman covers the entire API development cycle. Its main audience includes individual software developers worldwide, as well as companies with software development teams. Initially available for free, Postman also launched a cloud-based paid platform last December; 300 companies are now registered in this.

The company has a team of 17 members (including its co-founders) of which 12 are in central development. Postman recently established operations in Austin and San Francisco in the United States, a key developer market. He also received an undisclosed amount in funds from the venture capital fund, Nexus Venture Partners.

“Within a year of operations, we have gone from having a few hundred thousand users to 2.5 million users,” says Asthana, the company’s CEO. Postman counts as some of the largest organizations in the world, including Microsoft, Sony, Real Networks, Box and Netflix, as users of their platforms.

“We are very optimistic about the company and believe that it is possibly one of the best software startups leaving India,” says Sameer Brij Verma, director of Nexus Venture Partners. And he adds with confidence: “We definitely foresee a future in which developers think of Postman as the platform of choice when working with APIs.”

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